I bought a yoga mat for my boyfriend for his birthday and he religiously does hot yoga several times a week. He loves the design and the micro-fiber material. He loves the fact that he doesn't have to put a towel down on his mat anymore because the micro-fiber material absorbs his sweat-- a complete game changer! It was the perfect gift to give to say the least! Thank you Yogi Glam!!

Lauren Hale,
Los Angeles CA

I have been doing yoga now for several years & it has completely changed my life in every way. I am always looking for unique products because I work in the fashion industry, so it is very important for me to find yoga apparel that is edgy and fun. I have always wanted to find a quality mat, that has a great pattern yet comfortable and functional at the same time. Thanks to Yogi Glam I have now found my new favorite mat! Every time I go to a yoga class I receive a compliment and tons of interest. Overall, I love my mat and I would highly recommend this product!

Haley Stein 
Los Angeles, CA

Can I just say three words... Love My Mat!  I have the "Seven Chakras" cork mat and it is so different from any of the other mats I have seen. The fact that it is biodegradable makes me feel good. I am glad I am using a mat that will not take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. Thank you Yogi Glam for creating these earth conscious, stylish yoga mats. It is companies like yours that I try to shop from and I will always recommend and support. 

Stephanie Garcia
Manhattan, NY